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About Homoeopathy and How it works:

Posted by nazar ul islam on July 12, 2010 at 9:19 AM

HOMOEOPATHY is derived from the Greek Words "HOMOEO" meaning similar or like, and "PATHOS" meaning suffering. Hence, their combination embraces the basic principle of homoeopathy i.e. treatment of like with like.

Under this system, an illness is treated by selecting a remedy that has the ability to produce, in a healthy person, symptoms similar to those observed in the patient.

Homoeopathy is no invention, no new theory. It has been hammered out of hard fact by Hahnemann as a result of an intuition inspired by a dictum (if one wing of a fly could cause disease, its other wing had been vested by God with the faculty of curing that very disease) of the Prophet of Islam (peace by upon him). It is simply a scientific way of finding

out what various substances can do in perverting the health of healthy human beings and then administering the same substances for the relief of just such conditions in the sick.


I think we all recognize these days that cure comes by the reactions of, what we call, "Vital Force" against disease.

It is now no longer a secret that vital reactions in the body are evoked by disease and that such reactions are curative. Therefore, the utmost one can do, curatively, is to stimulate such reactions. This is exactly what homoeopathy does. Homoeopathy never contemplates curing disease by drugs in massive and repeated doses, as is done in allopathy. Its object is to stimulate the vital power (healing force of Nature) of the patient to cure himself. In other words, the homoeopathic medicines do no cure, they merely stimulate curative action in the patient and that happens only when

the correct medicines are given.

In order to understand the difference between the homoeopathic and allopathic approach, we may consider the following examples: Suppose the body is a fort composed of various compartments, the disease an intruder and the vital power

the kind of the fort. As long as the king is strong, no intruder dare enter the fort. But when he becomes weak, a part of the fort is attacked and the king seeks outside help (medicine) to drive out the intruder. If the external "helper" is an allopathic doctor, he will first of all trace out the location and the size of the intruder using his sophisticated equipment. Then, using his mighty armament (strong medicine), he shoots at the site of destroy the "intruder". Since the attack is confined to a particular part of the fort (body), the intruder slips into a side compartment and becomes inactive for a

while. Both the king and the external helper are satisfied by the outcome. After sometime, the intruder becomes, active again and the king feels trouble, this time in some other part of the fort. Outside help is called in again and the same process of attacking the target is repeated, even with the risk of adversely affecting other parts. Repeated resort to this process not only affects adversely the whole body but also further weakens the "vital power" making the person more vulnerable to deeper complications. The approach of homoeopathy, on the other hand, is to strengthen the king (vital power) so as to effectively deal with the intruder (disease) itself.

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